Release Date: 2017-11-20

EMQ 2.3.0 is available now! EMQ R2.3.0 improved the PubSub design to avoid race-condition issue and optimized the message routing efficiency. The self-signed certificates for SSL released with EMQ has been updated. This release also improved the dashboard theme and API design.

Bugfix and Enhancements

Fixed the issue that Retained message is not sent for Subscribe to existing topic. (emqttd#1314)

Fixed the issue that The DUP flag MUST be set to 0 for all QoS0 messages.(emqttd#1319)

Improve the pubsub design and fix the race-condition issue. (emqttd#PR1342)

Crash on macOS High Sierra (emqttd#1297)

emq-dashboard Plugin (emq-dashboard#PR174)

Upgraded the 'subscriptions' RESTful API.

Improvement of the auth failure log. (emq-dashboard#59)

emq-coap Plugin (emq-coap#PR61)

Replaced coap_client with er_coap_client.

Fixed: correct the output format of coap_discover() to enable ".well-known/core".

Refactor the coap_discover method.


Upgraded the bin/nodetool script to fix the rpcterms command.

emq-web-hook Plugin

Fixed the emq_web_hook plugin getting username from client.connected hook. (emq-web-hook#19)

emq-auth-jwt Plugin(emq-auth-jwt#PR15)

Added test cases for emq_auth_jwt.

Fixed jwt:decode/2 functions's return type.

emq-auth-mongo Plugin(emq-auth-mongo#PR92)

Updated the default MongoDB server configuration.

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