Release Date: 2017-08-12

EMQ R2.3-beta.2, a development release, is available now! This release introduces new HTTP Managment API, and supports Hot configuration of some parameters and plugins.

The plugins which support Hot configuration:

  • emq-stomp
  • emq-coap
  • emq-sn
  • emq-lwm2m
  • emq-dashboard
  • emq-retainer
  • emq-recon
  • emq-web-hook
  • emq-auth-jwt
  • emq-auth-http
  • emq-auth-mongo
  • emq-auth-mysql
  • emq-auth-pgsql
  • emq-auth-redis


  1. Introduce new HTTP management API.

  2. Add ClientId parameter for HTTP Publish API.

  3. Allow configuring keepalive backoff.

  4. Remove the fullsweep_after option to lower CPU usage.

  5. Authorize HTTP Publish API with clientId.

emq-sn Plugin (emq-sn#49)

  1. Support CONNECT message in connected/wait_for_will_topic/wait_for_will_msg states.

  2. Clean registered topic for a restarted client.

  3. Bug fix of not clearing buffered PUBLISH messages received during asleep state as those messages are sent to client when client wakes up.

emq-auth-ldap Plugin (emq-auth-ldap#21)

Improve the design LDAP authentication.

emq-coap Plugin (emq-coap#51)

Support CoAP PubSub Specification (

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