Release Date: 2017-05-20

Bugfix and Enhancements

Add a 'websocket_protocol_header' option to handle WebSocket connection from WeChat (emqttd#1060)

Assign username and password to MQTT-SN's CONNECT message (emqttd#1041)

Allow for Content-Type:application/json in HTTP Publish API (emqttd#1045)

emqttd_http.erl:data conversion (emqttd#1059)

Seperate emq_sn from emqttd (emq-sn#24)

Check St0's type, making it easier to debug crash problems (emq-lua-hook#6)

Fix error: load xxx.lua (emq-lua-hook#8)

Leave luerl alone as a rebar project (emq-lue-hook#9)

Display websocket data in reverse order (emq-dashboard#118)

priv/www/assets/js/dashboard.js:Fixed a typo (emq-dashboard#118)


Update README of emq-auth-pgsql: add the 'ssl_opts' configuration (emq-auth-pgsql#56)

Update README of emq-auth-mysql: fix the 'passwd_hash' typo (emq-auth-mysql#54)

Update README of emq-auth-mongo: change 'aclquery' to 'acl_query' (emq-auth-mongo#63)

Elixir Plugin

Add a new plugin emq-elixir-plugin_ to support Elixir language.

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