Release Date: 2017-05-05

EMQ 2.2-beta.1 is now available. Many new features including Web Hook, Lua Hook and Proxy Protocol have been released in this version.

MQTT Listeners

Support to configure multiple MQTT TCP/SSL listeners for one EMQ node. For example:

    -- External TCP 1883 --> |     |
                             | EMQ | -- Internal TCP 2883 --> Service
    -- External SSL 8883-->  |     |

Configure a listener in etc/emq.conf:


    listener.tcp.${name}.acceptors = 16

    listener.tcp.${name}.max_clients = 102400

Proxy Protocol V1/2

The EMQ cluster is usually deployed behind a Load Balancer, such as HAProxy or NGINX:

                  |   |
                  | L | --TCP 1883--> EMQ
    --SSL 8883--> |   |                |
                  | B | --TCP 1883--> EMQ
                  |   |

The LB can pass the source IP, port of the TCP connection on to EMQ cluster by Proxy Protocol.

Enable Proxy Protocol support for MQTT Listener:

    ## Proxy Protocol V1/2
    ## listener.tcp.${name}.proxy_protocol = on
    ## listener.tcp.${name}.proxy_protocol_timeout = 3s

Web Hook Plugin

The Web Hook plugin emq-web-hook_ can trigger a webhook callback when a MQTT client connected to or disconnected from the broker, a MQTT message is published or acked.

Lua Hook Plugin

The Lua Hook plugin emq-lua-hook_ make it possible to extend the broker and write business logic with Lua script.

Improve the Auth/ACL Chain

We improved the Auth/ACL chain design in 2.2 release. The Auth request will be forwarded to next auth module if it is ignored by the current auth module:

               --------------           -------------           --------------
    Client --> | Redis Auth | -ignore-> | HTTP Auth | -ignore-> | MySQL Auth |
               --------------           -------------           --------------
                     |                       |                       |
                    \|/                     \|/                     \|/
               allow | deny            allow | deny            allow | deny

Support bcrypt password hash

Enable the bcrypt password hash in auth module, for example:

    auth.redis.password_hash = bcrypt

API Breaking Change

etc/emq.conf: 'mqtt.queue.' changed to 'mqtt.mqueue.'


Support 'Unsubscribe' action on WebSocket Page.

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