Release Date: 2017-02-18

EMQ v2.1-beta is now available. We improved the design of Session/Inflight and use one timer to redeliver the inflight QoS1/2 messages, and improved the GC mechanism of MQTT connection process to reduce CPU usage at the high rate of messages.

Per Client, Session Statistics

Support Per Client, Session Statistics. Enable by configuration in etc/emq.conf:

mqtt.client.enable_stats = 60s

mqtt.session.enable_stats = 60s

Add 'missed' Metrics

The 'missed' metrics will be increased when EMQ broker received PUBACK, PUBREC, PUBREL, PUBCOMP packets from clients, but missing in inflight window:





Integrate Syslog

Output EMQ log to syslog::

## Syslog. Enum: on, off
log.syslog = on

##  syslog level. Enum: debug, info, notice, warning, error, critical, alert, emergency
log.syslog.level = error

Upgrade QoS

Support to upgrade QoS accoding to the subscription:

mqtt.session.upgrade_qos = on

Add 'acl reload' CLI

Reload acl.conf without restarting emqttd service (#885)

etc/emq.conf Changes

  1. Rename mqtt.client_idle_timeout to mqtt.client.idle_timeout
  2. Add mqtt.client.enable_stats
  3. Add mqtt.session.upgrade_qos
  4. Delete mqtt.session.collect_interval
  5. Add mqtt.session.enable_stats
  6. Rename mqtt.session.expired_after to mqtt.session.expiry_interval

Merge modules to emq_modules

Merge the emq_mod_presence, emq_mod_subscription, emq_mod_rewrite into emq_modules

Rename emq_mod_retainer to emq_retainer project

Dashboard Plugin

Overview page: Add 'missed' metrics
Client page: Add 'SendMsg', 'RecvMsg' Fields
Session page: DeliverMsg、EnqueueMsg Fields

recon Plugin

Change the datatype of 'recon.gc_interval' to duration

reloader Plugin

Change the datatype of 'reloader.interval' to duration

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